Videographer is a title, production is our craft – but, first and foremost – we are visual storytellers. There is a difference. When you’re creating a movie or a music video, having both of those expertise is vital, since is something everyone will watch on their TVs, maybe using a ceiling tv wall mount for comfort on their houses.

Through a variety of services that begins with a one-on-one consultation, evolves with storyboarding and creative concepts and services such as animation and graphic design available to you – the opportunities are endless.

Our editors are masters in their craft, we collaborate with the client, to ensure the post-production process goes as smoothly as possible. Storyboarding and planning your production is integral in creating the finished product you desire. Contact VISUAL JEDI, LLC to find out why our video editing services are sought after throughout the country.

TORTURE WEB SERIES Premiere January 30th 2016

TORTURE is a web series based on different characters going through there own personal struggles within themselves. The struggles these characters are dealing with are torturing them everyday and its a struggle trying to find a way to break free from it. Some will survive and some will keep suffering!

A Day In The Park

The Red Shoes

Filmed in Elizabeth Park, West Hartford side, on Sunday May 8th, 2016

Silent film complete with old time “titles”

Synopsis: While walking in a park, a young woman sees a friend approaching her.
They wave, hug and agree to go see the flowers in bloom.
As they admire and smell a flower, one friend has a sneezing fit causing them to sit down and collect themselves.

Just In Time” -Short Film Nikon Contest 2013

Nikon Everyday Cinema Video Contest Submission – Short Film Nikon Contest 2013-

Create a 120–180 second video that transforms an everyday moment into a stunning cinematic short. Upload your video to Vimeo or YouTube, then submit its URL here by Dec. 31, 2013.

Just in Time is a short film about Everton a candy store owner who rushes to beat the morning traffic so he can open up his store!